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Our Mission

Be There Do Good.  Our Company name is our Mission.

Our Vision

To enrich lives and promote humanity by sharing the world with everyone.

Who We Are

teletour is a teleportation company. We teleport people from their homes, schools, gyms and wheelchairs to sites around the world in an instant, embracing the senses, in order to enrich and educate them, our Global Citizens, and we do good. We do this by providing immersive recorded, live and 360 tours using the latest technology. We provide our Global Citizens a platform to give back to the communities that have touched them and promote humanity by sharing the world with everyone.

Our Values

Doing Good – everything we do is focused on improving the lives of our Global Citizens, tour guides, and the communities they all live in.

Storytelling – we believe that a story can draw our Global Citizens in, enrich them, enlighten them, and let them truly experience and understand the communities they are experiencing.

Immersion – every teletour will strive to immerse our Global Citizens in the environment they experience

Authenticity – every teletour will strive to introduce our Global Citizens to the environment and the way of life of the local people that live in the places they experience.

Inclusion – we believe that everyone, and we mean everyone, should be treated equally, with respect and compassion, and we will strive to achieve that in everything we do. 

Excellence – we believe in shooting for the stars in everything we do.

Innovation – we strive to teleport, using the latest technology.

Education – we strive to share information, honestly, to enlighten.

Sustainability – we only have one earth and we need to take care of it.

Experience – we strive to allow our Global Citizens to experience every wonderful inch and centimeter this world of ours has to offer. 

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