Normandy Tours

I have been a Tour Guide for now five wonderful years, I am a very positive and ongoing person.When I decided to get my guiding license I thought first, that it could be a summer job while on holiday from teaching, but I quickly realized what a great job guiding can be. I use to say, that now, my students are older than before, and are now really very interested in what they want me to speak about. Even better, I started doing tours for friends from California, years ago, then friends of their friends, and I now take people on my tours who become friends. I live in Normandy, where I was born, but I also lived in Paris, in the US , and in some other countries. That gives me the ability to understand other cultures and to adapt myself.Yet, Paradise is for me "here" in the green pastures of Normandy. Both my grandparents lived through the German occupation, and both were in the French Resistance. I have a very strong connection to my region. That really started my passion for digging in the past. After an education in Normandy, I went studying History and Journalism in Paris at the Sorbonne. As a real History buff, I have created some unique itineraries no one else did before me, like the real Viking tour on the footsteps of the Vikings of Normandy. I try as much as possible to do things the best I can. I am a perfectionist.I am married and have two lovely daughters. Besides my family and my job, I love horses. I have horses at home. I will see you on one of my tours.

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India Tours

Philippa has been a specialist in travel to India for twenty years. She has been responsible for establishing Indian divisions for various UK based travel companies including Ampersand Travel, Real Holidays and Experience Travel Group. She has lived in India for over ten years and has consulted for various hotels and Indian DMC’s. She is passionate about showcasing ‘A Different India,’ beyond the mainstream destinations. She established Indian Experiences in order to provide consultancy services to the Indian travel trade. The team works with hotels in India, DMC’s and UK Tour Operators in order to enhance their experiential offerings, service levels, product development, content and social media. She contributes articles to the Times of India travel website, www.happytrips.com as well as for their print publication and MINT. www.indianexperiences.com

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Normandy Tours

Due to a passion in Art and History, I decided to live my dream and became an official Licensed Guide 17 years ago. Translator in a State company for many years, then a teacher I obtained my license in Art and History in 2004. Since then, I enjoy sharing with my guests my knowledge of Art and History through Paris museums, monuments or typical districts in my own tours.

Although 100% French and definitely rooted with my country and my beloved Paris, I feel European having achieved my university studies in Italy and married a Polish man, and lived in Italy and Poland several years. The green Normandy, is the place where on week ends, I am happy to rest, cook for my  family,  play with my grand-children, swim and bike along the beautiful country side and sandy beaches.


Jerusalem Tours

Professional tour guide with more than 22+ year experience specializing in the Holy Land. Speaks Arabic and English. Showing their beautiful country runs in the family as Johnny's father and two sons are tour guides as well.  


Northeast India Tours

Julie Kagti spent her childhood in the tea plantations of Digboi, Assam embedded in the semi-tropical forests of the Brahmaputra valley. She still fondly remembers her holidays while growing up, accompanying her father through the states of the Northeast. It were these very travels that inspired her imagination and taught her just how vital it was to experience new cultures while young.

When not traveling, Julie had spent an abundant amount of time with her grandmother learning to weave. This sparked her career path for the next twenty years: an entrepreneur, designer and teacher in the textile industry. Now a wife and mother to two, Julie has returned to her roots using her innate understanding (and love) for the region’s languages and customs to bring travelers into these sparsely explored paths. Julie’s magnetic passion and subtle understanding of the Northeast allows her to curate not only authentic experiences, but also memorable and enriching travels. There’s a magic to be found in the Northeast and Julie is the perfect guide.

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Delhi Tours

Visiting Delhi, the heart of India is indeed a sensory overload, the only way to describe it. It’s almost impossible to write down what you feel, hear, see, smell and taste when you are out in these streets. We believe Delhi is a city that reveals itself to you in different forms, from the chaotic outer layer to the fascinating historic city with a true spiritual inner layer. There is however one good way of experiencing this to the fullest: Biking / Cycling. Our team is passionate about our city, its rich cultural history and its madness as we are about biking / cycling. All the tours have small groups with English and Hindi speaking guides, who want to share the best of their city with you.

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Ireland Tours

I have been guiding in Ireland for the past fifteen years with occasional extensions to Scotland, England and Wales. I am a National Guide approved by Fáilte Ireland (Irish Tourist Board) to guide throughout the island of Ireland. I hold an MA degree in Local History from the National University of Ireland (NUI) which I believe helps a deeper understanding of Ireland, her people and her culture, from earliest times to the present day. I am an Irish speaker and hold university Diplomas (NUI) in Irish language and in Irish Folklore. Irish culture is what I am passionate about. My approach to sharing that culture is to encourage the visitor to discover Ireland, rather than accept her in a neat preassembled package. My mission is to guide the visitor through the Ireland of today and of yesterday, while she reveals her beautiful self in her landscape and in story. The itinerary is simply a route map. The important part is the people to be met with in their own landscape.


Aquaterra Adventures - Himalayan Tours

National Geographic Adventure Magazine named Aquaterra Adventures one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth for two consecutive years in 2008 & 2009. We were honored to be rated a 87.5 Overall score making us the only Indian Travel Company to feature on this Prestigious List for two consective years. Our trip leaders backed by years of experience and are conscientious, aware of the needs and requirements of the group and, interact and communicate freely to provide better service leading to a complete outdoor experience. They are trained in First Aid, CPR, have years of outdoor guiding experience in the Himalaya, and sometimes beyond. Our staff is trained in hygienic preparation of meals and offers a great variety of food on an outdoor trip. We practise a very true form of eco-tourism, and are one of the few companies where over 95% of our guides and staff, belong to the Himalaya. You would be hard pressed to find an outfit that comes close to our standards of operation, our range of trips on offer, and the calibre of a world class team, which is our biggest asset.

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Royal Mountain Travel - Nepal Tours

Royal Mountain Travel (RMT) is a Nepalese tour operator, based in the capital city of Kathmandu. Since 2005, RMT has been working as a transmitter between the world and the rural communities of Nepal offering varieties of community-based tours and trekking in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. From the beginning, they have been focusing on the morals of Ecotourism and towards the authentic experience of the host destinations by making sure their guests receive the warm hospitality of the culture and tradition of the countries.

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Bulgaria Tours

I'm Georgi, born and raised in the heart of Bulgaria in the small town of Kazanlak which at the same time is the capital of the Valley of roses.

I am a passionate and very positive person, always enthusiastic about meeting people from different cultures and religions. It gives me a different perspective towards the world and a chance to show the one in Bulgaria. I have developed excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a multicultural environment.

I would be more than honoured to be your guide via TeleTour



Spain Tours

Hola ¡¡ my name is Cristina, I live in Madrid (Spain) and I have been working as a guide for over 25 years 🥰  I say “work” but I should say, love, devotion.. This is the perfect job for me: it allows me to travel, to meet new people, push me to learn constantly, I can shop all over Europe 😜

What else? Well, I lived in USA, China, Brazil... I have a master degree in Journalism and what I love more besides being a guide is: coffee in the mornings, hats and bags (never have enough), wine, wine, wine...., my football team and spoil my nephews and nieces !!! Hope to see you soon !!

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